Charles Bamford (III), who in 1864 bought Impington Hall, was a Cambridge University undergraduate, was born on February 6th, 1839 at his parents home in Lister Street, Kingston upon Hull. His parents (Charles II and Ann Holmes) having been married on August 25th, 1836 at Sculcoates in Yorkshire. His father was a hide merchant and could afford for his son to have a good education sending him to a boarding school and later St John's College, Cambridge. While at Cambridge, Charles (III)  married Henrietta Victoria Balls at St Paul's Church, Cambridge on March 12th, 1863. She was the eldest daughter of Charles Balls J.P. of Parker House, Trumpington Street, Cambridge and is described on their marriage certificate as a gentleman, and the sister of Grace Emmeline Balls who in 1864 married Smith Howlett Rowley of Abbey Farm, Histon.

Charles (III) and Henrietta were to have three children, all of whom were baptised at Impington:

Charles Frederick (b July 16th, 1865, baptised Impington January 1st, 1866)

John Holmes Bamford (baptished Impington January 1st, 1867) and

Ella Cecile Bamford (b June 11th, 1869, baptised Impington August 14th, 1869)

Charles Bamford (III) in 1862

At the time of buying Impington Hall he was an extremely wealthy young gentleman, having first inherited his father's estate in 1857 and three years later that of his grandfather's (Charles I), who was a wine merchant and had died on May 15th, 1860. This fortune appears not have been enough, as having spent a considerable amount of money on not only purchasing the Hall but also re-furnishing the Hall, Park etc, he got into finanical difficulturies and in 1870 was forced to move out of the Hall and Hull put the rent. Two years later having been declared insolvent, the Hall and Estate was sold in auction for £28,500. The sale probably cleared all his debts as when he died his death certificate records his occupation as 'a gentleman'. The family eventually ended up in St Cuthbert's Terrace, Bedford and Charles was to die there at the age of just 43 on August 24th, 1882. His finalled resting place him in the Foster Hill Road Cemetary in Bedford, where he was buried on August 29th. His wife, who died in 1911, and his eldest son, Charles Frederick, are also buried in the same plot there.