Samuel Pepys's Diaries

In the diaries of Samuel Pepys you often find references to Impington as he often visited his great uncle, Talbot Pepys, as he was a 'wisely' gentleman.

July 15th, 1661

"At noon took horse again, having taken leave of my cousin Angier and rode to Impington, where I found my old uncle sitting all alone, like a man out of the world: he can hardly see; but all things else he pretty lively."

August 3rd, 1661

"At night I took horse and rode with Roger Pepys and his two brothers to Impington, and with great respect was lead by them to the best chamber in the house, and there slept."

August 4th, 1661

Lord's Day. Got up and by and by went into the orchard with my cousin Roger and there some fruit. Then went to church and had a good plain sermon and my uncle Talbot went with us, and at our coming in, the country people all rose with so much reverence; and when the parson begins he begins "Right Worshipful and dearly beloved to us. ..."

September 16th, 1661

... At night I went home and there found letters - from my father informing me of the Court, and I must come down and meet him at Impington ..."

September 18th. 166

" and remounted for Impington, where my uncle received me and my wife very kindly. ..."

October 10th, 1661

"I was forced to go to Impington, to take such advice as my old uncle and his son Claxton could give me. By and by, after summer comes in, unlooked for, my cousin Roger, with whom I discoursed larged and in short he gives me good counsel."

October 15th, 1661

"we mounted, having a pair of boots that I borrowed and carried with me from Impington, my own to be sent from Cambridge to London. ..." 

May 27th, 1663

Here I met with my cozen Roger Pepys, ..... , and he tells me that his sixter Claxton now resolving to give over the keeping of the house at Impington. ...."

January 19th, 1664/5

"This day was buried, but I could not be there, my cousin Percival Angier and yesterday I received the news that Dr Tom Pepys is dead not at Impington, for which I am but sorry, and only because he would have been troublesome to us, but a shame to his family and profession - he was such a coxcomb."

March 12th, 1665/66

"... This day I hear my Uncle Talbot Pepys died the last week, and was buried. ..."

December 11th, 1667

"there meet my cozen Roger Pepys, who intends to go to Impington ..."

July 1st, 1668

"... At noon home to dinner, my cozen Roger, come newly to Town, dined with us, and mightly important for our coming down to Cambridge, which I think to do, this Strawberry Fair. ... "

September 25th, 1668

"... and W. Batelier with me, who has lately come form Impington, ..."

November 4th, 1668

".. This day a boy is sent me out of the country from Impington by my cozen Roger Pepys' getting, ..."

January 13th, 1669

"... and there also Talbot Pepys come from Impington, and dined with me: ..."

March 9th, 1669

"My wife and I back, with my cosen Turner, etc., to her house. There we took leave of my cosen Pepys who goes with his wife and two daughters for Impington tomorrow. They are very good people and people I love .... "

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Born: February 23rd, 1633, son of John Pepys, tailor, of Salisbury Court, Fleet Street, London and grandson of Thomas the Red of Cottenham.

Married: Elizabeth, daughter on Alexander de St Michel of Hind Court, Fleet Street on December 1st, 1655.

Died: May 26th, 1703 and was buried in St Olave's Church, London