As a result of the Macfarlene-Grieve family putting the Impington Hall Estate on the market in lots In 1921, the Hall and the Estate was sold to different people. With the Chivers family, who had already farmed much of the estate for years, buying the Park Estate and Hall being bought by Mr A G Morey-Weale.

Children in the Grounds, c1922

Albert Goerge Morey-Weale, who had been in 1863, had been a silk merchant with the firm Cornes & Co. He had also spent considerable time in Japan until the early 1920s, where he was the Greek Consul at Yokahama and participated in the drawing up of the peace treaty between Japan and Russia in 1904. 

In 1925 Mr A G Morey-Weale sold the Impington Hall to the Chivers, who already owned much of the estate. Shortly afterwards on September 12th, most of the furnishings were sold in auction by Messrs. Scruby and Gray of St Andrew's Street, Cambridge. Amongst the 608 different lots were a very fine mahogany & ormolu-mounted suite of drawing room that included a china cabinet, a writing table and a striking clock all of which had once been in the Royal Palace at Brussels. There was also a statin wood bedroom suite including a wing wardrobe, a marble top wash stand, a drwing chest and a two pedestal cupboard that had belonged at one time to Madame Adeline Patti. Another item, which had once belonged to L Alma Tadema, a carved Chinese cabinet surmounted by figured dragons. A carved black oak cabinet with cupboards above and draws below, that had once belonged to Charles Dickens was also in the auction. The smaller lots included a full size billiard table, a suite of armour, many pictures, vases, glassware, carpets and smaller furneture lots. We will probably never know where these went but we do know that the Muncey family from Roselea. They were not the only Histon & Impington residents to attend the auction and buy items. It would be lovely to find photographs of some of these lots.

Mr A G Morey-Weale, who was essentially a buddist, was to die in a nursing home in 1942 and was buried in St Paul's Ave, Brookwood, Surrey.