During the Second World War, Impington Hall was first used by the 154 Railway Operations Company and then used as a Italian Prisoner of War Camp. One of thr people who was at the Hall with the Royal Engineers was Ron Walker, who later became the Landlord of the Black Horse in Impington.

"We moved to Histon early 1941. Slept in the Hall for about three nights then moved into Nissan Huts in the Grounds.The Hall was used as a cookhouse and Guard Room. What I can remember of the Hall, it was in a poor condition.

Was in the Nissan Huts when one night we had been out on excerise, came back late, a brilliant moonlite night and Gerry most have followed us for when we got back to camp, Gerry started machine gunning us, no damage was done to the Hall that I can think of. The Nissan huts had a few holes in them, thank the Lord no one was hurt, just our pride.

We used to grow a few veg in the Gardens at the back. We left November 1942 for North Africa."

Ron Walker

The Royal Enineer's Cricket Team, Histon