The early 1950s saw the beginning of the end for Impington Hall, so why not look at it through the eyes of someone who saw it happen, Brian Bowles.

"I first saw Impington Hall in 1950 and was taken there by Tony Unwin of Histon. We were out for a walk before having tea with his family. The Hall had been empty and neglected for many years. I was amazed to see just by looking through the windows how beautiful it had been and still was. It became a regular thing for me to visit the Hall, exploring the interior and taking photograpgs. I did so from 1950 to 1955.

It was on October 4th, 1952 when making my usual visit that I noticed some activity had been going on. The porch entrance to the main hall had been partially dismantled, a pile of red brick red neatly stacked and the stonework from the door arch laid in a pile, the lions head that had flanked the doors stared blankly to the sky.

There was another visitor to Impington Hall that day and I was told that the Hall was to be partially demolished and converted to a grain drying and storage plant. Just what partially demolished entalled I would over the next three years find out. The entire hall was gutted to the outer walls and incorporated into the new and enlarged building. I photographed the sequence of demolition and rebuilding, that went on simultanconsly and eventually Impington Hall was enveloped within the new building."

Brian Bowles