The late 1860s saw a considerable amount of money being spent on both th Hall and the Estate by the new owner, Charles Bamford, who had purchased it 1864. Amongst the many things he did was have the Hall encased in red brick, a new service wing with a brewhouse built, a carp lake built, the grounds landscaped, the park fenced and stocked with deer and pheasants and a gamekeeper's cottage built. This cottage, which was originally thatched, is today the home of the groundsman of the New Road Recreation Ground. He also had part of the interrior of the Hall remodelled and in doing so re-claimed some of the gallery from Great St Mary's Church in Cambridge, that had just been removed.


             Gallery at Great St Mary's                                Woodwork when at Impington Hall

By 1870 Charles Bamford had run out of money and so he was forced to move out of Impington Hall and put it up to rent. One of those to rent it over the next couple of years was Professor R D Anstead, then having become insolvent the Hall was put up for auction selling of £28,500.